Spaced Learning

Spaced Learning is a technique for learning based on neuroscience.  It was developed from the work of R. Douglas Fields- see Scientific American in February 2005 for ‘Making Memories Stick’- and the work at Monkseaton High School- see  Making Minds .The science that led to its creation is fascinating as it reveals some of the fundamental biological processes of learning.

The growing use of Spaced Learning – and the reports in the media- exceed my capacity to keep a page of updates!

Here is a guide to Spaced Learning for teachers and those wanting to use Spaced Learning in any context.  Download it. Open the document on line if you want to watch the video of a complete Spaced Learning session.

Spaced Learning Guide


2 thoughts on “Spaced Learning

  1. Lesson plans, Please. For home schooler’s grades 1-12… If we could get all the lessons and phys ed done by noon and have the rest of the day to do whatever, wow what a beautiful life. Should contact richard Koch about 80/20 principle and how spaced learning links with it…


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