Choosing your First Road Bike – Things you Should Know

Getting the best steed for all your needs would go long way ensuring that your cycling experience is packed with safety and fun. If you are looking to buy your first road bike then you should be aware about certain things to look for in the road bike. This will ensure that you get a better quality in the best price. Moreover, it would be safe to make a purchase after knowing about each and every aspect about your road. So let us explore the things you should know before choosing your first road bike.


The Frame & Fork Material

It is very important to look for the material option before selecting just any road bike. It is the heart and soul of your bike that must not be neglected while making your first road bike purchase. The road bikes having aluminum and steel frames are more affordable than the titanium and carbon built frames. The carbon framed bikes also come with the bladed fork these days. This stuff is lighter and therefore makes it perfect to ride. You would also love to read: Which is the best treadmill for home use?

If you have a low budget then go with aluminum or steel framed bike else titanium and carbon framed road bikes are the best options. The titanium alloyed bike will be little expensive but will look clean and beautiful. Moreover, if you o for carbon fibre bikes then it would guarantee you’re a higher durability as well.


If you want to get the most out of cycling then it is really important to look if the bike size fits your size. It will have a higher impact over your performance and the comfort zone. Go with a road bike that has the right height so that your feet reach the pedals comfortably and you can grip it well. You can also choose a bike having the adjustable seat so that you can adjust it with the increasing height. Moreover, the bike can be utilized by different people having different heights.


The geometry plays an important role if you need this road bike for racing purposes. Though it will not have an impact on regular rider, but you will not want the speeds to be compromised if you are a professional rider. You can go with a sportive geometry bike if you wish to enter into the professional bike racing. Check out the length and different angles in the frames.

The taller head tube will ensure the less strain on your back. This will help the rider to sit more comfortably on it. If you want it for non-racing purposes then ensure that the wheelbase is longer than the racing bike.


You should make sure that the bike is made using the right components to ensure your safety on roads. Do not go for the most expensive bike in the market. Firstly, look for the components from which he bike has been designed. Go for a bike whose components are readily available in the market so that they can be replaced as times of the wear and tear. Also check out the gearing, braking system, suspension, and other important components before going for it.


A fine quality wheels set will go long way with the bike and ensure a good ride. You should consider the factors like durability, all-weather performance, and tire size of the wheel. Also, pay a careful attention to the type of wheel used on your road bike. The wheel is also responsible for gripping and handling of your bike on the roads. So, be very careful while making the selection. Always choose the quality then the poor designed wheels.

The Last Words

So, these are some of the things you should know before choosing your first road bike. Knowing about the material, size, groupset, geometry, and the wheels of the bike will make sure that you do a right selection. Firstly decide your budget and then look into these things accordingly. It will help you out in buying the road in a planned manner which in turn can help you out in saving some money on your purchase. Think wisely before making the choices and go for the best.…

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